13 Reasons to Date a Zombie

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‘Tis the season to hightail it from zombies — or go out them.

Should you hold an open mind, you might realize that a zombie is whom you’ve been in search of all along.

(but nonetheless be cautious. Date at the own risk.)

13 reasons to date a zombie:

1. Are you currently accident-prone? Date a zombie and there’s small chance you’ll unintentionally destroy him/her.

2. Associated with number 1: every person will comprehend any time you eliminate your day.

3. Your time should be happy to see you. He could even appear operating.

4. If you have a tendency to overheat in cuddling conditions, a cold-blooded go out are a refreshing change.

5. You’ll be the elegant one in the connection. Plus the prettiest.

6. To zombies, age is a number. You’re alive. That’s all those things matters.

7. Regarding number 5: Zombies aren’t endangered by the work positive results, have actually commitment problems or whine regarding your needy buddies. They’re simply pleased you are really lively.

8. Got foes? Will they be lively? Not anymore!

9. Sick of thinking if final night’s time will-call? Zombies are pursuers. You won’t have to wonder if she or he is interested.

10. Zombies are inspiring. They understand what they want and do the required steps to get it.

11. Dating a zombie is unsafe — but bad kids tend to be sensuous, correct?

12. Zombies tend to be stylish. They now have much more street cred than vampires of the underworld.

13. Lunch will be easy – merely include minds towards the element record and you are ready to go.


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